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Client Centred Communication for Professionals

This is an 8 module workshop spread over two days. This workshop is the first half of the 16 modules



The eight modules will cover :


-Defining and identifying our intentions 


-Identifying and defining our feelings and needs 


-Understanding our clients feelings, needs and behaviours


-Discerning between needs and strategies


-Understanding the difference between observations an evaluations  

-Noticing our judgements and reactivity and what to do with them  


-Learning to respond rather than react  


-Setting clear and professional boundaries





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This training is suitable for professionals who support, mentor, coach, counsell or give guidance to, members of the community. It will provide you with practical, safe , ethical, effective and compassionate communication skills that will allow you to align your principles and values with your actions. 

To enquire about providing this training at your workplace, please contact Toni@restorativerelationships.co.nz

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